A message from the Wyrdwood Welcoming Committee!

Driftwood Cove, Wyrdwood North

Driftwood Cove, Wyrdwood North


Welcome to wyrdwood

You’ve found your way home.

In Wyrdwood, we’re all a bit odd in all the right ways. As a magick wielder, you understand the importance of living among your own kind.

In this world of pollution, prosecution, corporations, contraptions, and diminishing imagination, few other places provide a safe haven for those of us on the fringe of humanity.

We live in a bubble, hidden from the evils of the world, and it’s of the utmost importance that no one outside our boundaries learns our secrets. We have implemented numerous spells and wards to ensure all wielders in Wyrdwood remain safe from the persecutors of the world.

Your physical demeanor will appear normal. Your voice will appear normal. Anything magickal that you create or do will appear normal to the Normals, even our newspapers. Wielders, however, see the truth.

Normals are welcome among us. They enrich our lives and do many jobs that we wielders would not care to do. In many cases, they are our friends, loved ones, and even our family members.

As a resident of Wyrdwood, you will have access to resources that help you to navigate the social regulations through which we abide in safety and security.

Allow us to begin by welcoming you with a couple special publications just for you:

Once again, allow me to say “Welcome!”

Violet Bagley

Chairwoman of the Wyrdwood Welcoming Committee (and mayor)