Welcome to the Wyrdwood Project!

Shared-World Urban Fantasy Novels and Stories with a Twist

WYRDWOOD is an idyllic coastal destination where the Normals live peacefully and unaware of the mystical world that exists beneath a cloak of glamour cast upon their town centuries ago.

Discover the Ancient Sisters who brought this world of Magick to life (and WHY), along with their unsuspecting Apprentices, and the many Magick Wielders who live in harmony (MOSTLY) amongst the Normals.

Wyrdwood Projects Underway:

Wyrdwood Mayor Violet Bagley cut the ribbon in a ceremony celebrating the official release of the WyrdwoodProject.com website.

Visit often to see how our Wyrd little village evolves.

AT The Founders’ Day Celebration!

From the Mayor Bagley’s Speech:

”As you loyal residents know so well, Wyrdwood isn’t your typical American town. Located on the beautiful coast of the Pacific Northwest, our unique history goes back centuries, to a time when the land and hearts were wild. A magickal blend of immigrants discovered this exceptional locale. Fleeing magick persecution, they set up their homesteads here where they could be free.

“On this day, we honor our illustrious ancestors who claimed this paradise for us and lay the foundation for our thriving community. It is a joy to celebrate this momentous day with all the good people of Wyrdwood, looking to a bright and adventurous future together.

“Enjoy the BBQ and the parade this afternoon. Let’s see if we can better our record from last year of only one lost limb. By now, Jimbo has grown it back, but even so, be safe out there Wyrdwoodians!

“To our newest residents, all hail and welcome!”

Meet Fran and Angel

Fran Friel and Angel Leigh McCoy are the creators of The Wyrdwood Project. We believe it takes a village to birth and nurture a rich and fantastic world like Wyrdwood. Together with our readers, we are inspired to dream big and let our imaginations run wild through the glades of the forest and the cobblestone lanes of our lovely village. Angel and Fran will each bring you separate series’ based on the adventures of the Sisters Wyrd and their Intrepid Apprentices and Neighbors. Stayed tuned for a wild ride!


FRAN FRIEL (alter-ego - Sister Eve) has a cottage on the Southshore of Wyrdwood where she basks in the sun with her small beast overlords. If you’re REALLY nice to her, she’ll take you to her hidden wine grotto in the hills. However, the Secret Beer Garden in the Elven enclave may require bribes…just sayin’.

In her “spare time,” Fran writes. In her sleep, she writes. In her daydreams, she writes. She even writes in the bath, but no peeking!

Before escaping to Wyrdwood, Fran was a two-time Bram Stoker Award Finalist and Winner of the Black Quill Award. Writing Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror remains her lifelong passion and her curse. Fran has been known to say that writing is like the mafia, once you’re in, you’re in for life!

You can follow Fran's latest antics in writing and life at FranFriel.com, facebook.com/franfriel and instagram.com/franfrieltoo.


ANGEL LEIGH MCCOY, a native Wyrdwoodian, has had stories dancing in her head for lifetimes. She’s worn many hats over the years (writer, game designer, audiobook narrator, hot dog peddler, daughter, sister, and cat lady), and the one she wears in Wyrdwood has the greatest magick of all.

She spends her days writing in her overgrown garden, communing with wildcats, raccoons, and spiders.

To get to know Angel better, visit her personal website at AngelMcCoy.com. You can also find her at facebook.com/AngelMcCoyAuthor and twitter.com/AngelMcCoy.

And come to Wyrdwood, where even the Normals are weird—in a good way.